Thousandblurbs is an open-source marketing platform powered by the Google Cloud.

Thousandblurbs Version 0.3.0 Admin

Marketing Platform for Developers

Built with Python and Flask and powered by Google App Engine, Thousandblurbs makes helps your web team monitor web forms, automate lead segmentation, and serve dynamic and trackable web components.

Cloud-based Application Hosting
Take advantage of scalable application hosting using Google App Engine and leave server management and shared hosting behind
Open-Source Marketing Platform
Thousandblurbs is released under the MIT License, giving your team control of its marketing stack.
Centralize web form data storage
Track performance and data storage of your web forms
G Suite User Authentication
Control user rights and set up administrators within your G Suite organization
API Access Control by Domain
Publish and consume data using the Thousandblurbs API.

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